Grafitti – Part 1

Ipswich Borough Council have a very efficient graffiti team. I remember, years ago when we had a shop in the Norwich Road, some graffiti appear on a wall at the front. Next thing we knew was the team appeared and hosed it all of without us even reporting it. Anyway, down at the St. Peter’s Wharf end of the Waterfront, there is a lot of graffiti on the boarded up properties. These seem to be saved because they liven up the area. I took a trip down there on Saturday to record as much as I could. I will spilt this across two or three posts as there are quite a lot.

Sorry about the shadows but it is nigh-on impossible to get a shot without them unless I go later in the day.
These two aren’t graffiti, per se, but the girders make interesting shapes.
This wall isn’t, correctly speaking, graffiti as it is planned and authorised but it is very decorative.

More to come. Keep watching.

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