Curious Incident in the night

There is a wooden floating walkway inside the lock. Obviously, it moves up and down with the water level and gives people the chance to get out of their boat if required. Suntis – it again! – can’t get through the lock when the walkway is in place as it is too wide so the port people move it down to the dockside outside the Aurora.

We have had some very strong winds recently – 30mph – that are coming from the east. These winds bring cold weather as they come across the North Sea. The other evening, once Suntis had arrived, the walkway was tied up awaiting daylight before it could be moved back into the lock. It wasn’t properly tied up and one end came free.

Soon after this, it started hitting the boats on the otherwise, albeit only gently. We aren’t sure when it was sorted out as we didn’t see any action then and it was safely tied up again next morning. I assume, as the control tower at the lock is manned 24 hours a day, that it got notice and sorted.

On a lighter note, I went out today on a mission to record the Graffiti up around St. Peter’s Wharf today. There was activity around a display panel up there. They were building an installation that covered the complex railway that was all around the Wet Dock until the Marina was built. It grabbed my interest because it is being developed by the Bury St. Edmunds Model Railway club and included models and maps. I will cover it in depth when it isn’t surrounded by workmen. Anyway, I was around that end of the dock and it was very cold so I stopped off at The Grazing Sheep for a Latte.

There are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning.

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