A very cold day here in Ipswich

I had to go out to do some shopping so, while I was out, I took a few photos. It has been cold here – around 3c -37f with occasional snow. First up, it’s not the Waterfront but nearby. This is my daughter’s road in Ipswich.

Caudwell Hall Road this morning

Having been to Sainsbury’s (and forgotten the important thing I went for!) I took the opportunity to get some up to date photos along the Waterfront. First off, good old Suntis is being unloaded. When I started all this they used to use a single crane and take two days. Nowadays, they use two cranes and one day. I cracked a joke(??) some years ago about this use of two cranes. I said that “I hope that they don’t cross the streams!” (if this means nothing, look up this Ghostbusters reference. – Ghostbusters is one of my most favourite films – EVER!

Next, I rolled along the Quay down to The Cult café to find the Alert was in the dock. I have shown you Alert before but, for the new run of the blog, I will cover it again.

THV Alert is a Rapid Intervention Vessel owned and managed by Trinity House (The UK Lighthouse authority). They have a nice web page all about it. For my friend Dan I will highlight his favourite item, which is the crane.

Note to Dan – this is the 3rd crane on the page – it’s nearly as good as Christmas :-).

As a reflection of times gone by next to such a high-tech ship, there are these two.

Well, that’s it done for today. This week has been busy but I would expect it to calm down bit until Easter. Please subscribe to the blog as that gives me an indication that it is all worthwhile.


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