Update on Anglo-Norden and the weather

I have been asked about the council notice that I mentioned when I was last doing the blog. This notice was displayed on a lamp post by the Aurora carpark and indicated that the whole site was designated for flats. Here is the image that I posted at that time.

I was a bit sceptical at the time because I knew that there were difficulties if they moved inside the port. Well, I get an e-mail back then from the local Holywells district councillor who told me that the was just the council informing the residents of the “town plan”. Now, having been a parish councillor for 5 year in the past I should have remembered that every parish, town, etc. has to have a plan, which states how they would like it to be. This notice is just that – sometime in the future, maybe!

Suntis and the weather

Suntis is back. I haven’t photographed her for a long time so here is how she looks nowadays. Not much different. actually.

It has been very cold today and we have even had some snow. We are expecting 3C/36F later and it was 0C this morning. I had to go out this afternoon and when I got back I was parking the car and it was extremely difficult to open the doors due to the high winds – 30mph!

It can be seen better in this little video:

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