Some Colour views

I have spent a lot of time with Black and White film recently so I thought that it was time to show some of the digital stuff that I took on my trip round onto the Island.

First off here are a couple of panoramas that I made. These involve taking multiple photos and rotating the camera, hopefully, along the same plane. These are then put into Adobe Photoshop and knitted together.

First up is a panorama of the whole of the Orwell Quay side of the Wet Dock.

Secondly is a panorama of our apartment complex at Orwell Quay.

This could be the last you see of the complex for a long while as it is due to be wrapped in plastic prior to the cladding being updated!

OK, so next we have a nice little image of one of my favourite cars – a Caterham Seven. This one stands out being in bright yellow.

Next, we are a bit further along by Wherry Quay near to the “Bistro On The Quay”.

My next shot is from the Island across to the Customs House – which is the offices of Associated British Ports (ABP) – the owners of the Port of Ipswich.

The Thames barge “Victor” is in its normal berth but, unusually, has its masts dropped.

Here is a shot of the apartment complex at the end of the Wet Dock – at St. Peter’s wharf. Here you can see what a sorry state “The Mill” is in. Maybe, someday, when it comes out of administration it will be refurbished and tidied up. The Winerack really shows it up as that is a splendid building.

Lastly, I am including an image of one of the heritage cranes that are down at the lock end of the Island. This picture shows what a sorry state these cranes are in. I can see it happening. No-one will repaint them so they will continue to rust until ABP decides that they are a hazard and, due to lack of maintenance, they will be taken down. I am not sure what can be done to stop this process.

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