Mothers Day 2022

Well, we had a little family reunion yesterday with myself and wife, mother-in-law and two daughter’s (Wendy and Debbie) with Debbie’s husband, Nick. A nice little group that included Debbie’s two dogs – golden retrievers called Bert and Ernie (remember Sesame Street?).

The bright weather – albeit cold out of the sun – enabled me to get a couple of nice photos out over the water.

First off, these two unusual boats have been moored up for a while.

Secondly, there was a really nice view of the lock gates and the heritage cranes.

One thing that I did notice, not having been doing this blog for a couple of years, is how dilapidated the two cranes have got. There are very large rust areas on both cranes. This is sad. Is no-one going to look after them? If not, some time in the future, I can see ABP talking about removing them because of their state when it would have been lack of maintenance as the root cause!

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