Old Friend RV Belgica returns

We had a very large visitor to the Wet Dock today. It looked like a military ship but not quite, if you know what I mean. I dashed to get my camera to take a few shots. By the time I had the camera, and the right lens, to hand, it had moved and I couldn’t see it fully from our balcony. I rushed into our bedroom which is a bit nearer the water’s edge and, through the window, got some great shots of the ship turning before tying up.

I felt that it looked familiar so I went onto my “nerdiest” web site – www.shipspotting.com where it turned out I had already see this one – RV Belgica. If you go there and have a look, you will see that I only have one shot and it is one of the ship alongside the quay. This image is dated 1st September 2012. We only moved to the Waterfront on 26th August that year so it shows that I was keen on the goings on even then!

OK, RV Belgica,  pennant no. A962, is a Belgian research vessel which, although privately owned, is crewed by naval personnel. Check out the web site as it has a live video feed of the Wet Dock. I managed to get it as it was turning. It is a very tight fit across the Wet Dock but it managed it very easily.


For those interested in the nuts and bolts of the ship here are some close ups:

A962-craneA962- radarA962- mast

Lastly, here is the ship in all her glory.


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