Maritime Weekend – Introduction

This year, the Maritime weekend was organised into areas. These comprised the Market Zone, by the entrance to the Waterfront from Stoke bridge; the Activity Zone which was further down around Isaacs and the University; the Entertainment Zone which stretches from Neptune Marina down to theAurora Restaurant and Bar. I managed to visit all three of the areas on Saturday morning before it all got very busy as, last year I got caught in my wheelchair amongst a solid group of people around the Old Customs House and one person got very difficult will me for “being in the way”. I didn’t go over to the Island as that was the site for the annual Beer Festival and 11am was a bit early for that.


There was a land train from Stoke Bridge down onto the Island. This met up with the “free” foot ferry that was going between the Customs House and the island, making a nice round trip if you were so inclined. My wheelchair was a bit low on power when I started so I wasn’t keen to go on to the Island, in any case so I didn’t follow up on these. I may go out tomorrow and see if I can make the round trip with my wheelchair. Maybe!

Anyway, I took nearly 100 photos and a few movies so I will split these blog posts up into individual posts that cover the areas as described above.

Ipswich Maritime Festival 2018 – Activity Zone

Ipswich Maritime Festival 2018 – Market Zone

Ipswich Maritime Festival 2018 – Entertainment Zone

Lastly, there are a few images that don’t fit into the above so here they are:

Firstly, one of the entertainments down at the Stoke Quay end. Pemberton and Hague – a vaudevillian circus act (it says in the guide book).


Secondly, a couple to show how the boats in the Marina have been decorated up for the occassion.


Lastly, a couple to show that there is still some way to go in the regeneration. These are part of the Paul Building.IMG_4478IMG_4477

I am going out again tomorrow so I may get some different views of things.

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