The Maritime Weekend is nigh -Thames Barge Kitty

With the Maritime Weekend starting on Friday night, the attractions are starting to arrive. Mostly, they are the mobile beer and food outlets. However, one recent arrival is one that we don’t see very often in the Wet Dock – the Thames Barge – Kitty. Dating from 1895, she is painted a bright green, which separates her from the other barges that are based in Ipswich.

There isn’t much to say so I will just give you some images of her as she sailed out today with a group of passengers enjoying a day out in the sunshine.


Each Thames barge has its own special flag – or Bob as it is known. This is Kitty’s.


Thames barges are Victorian technology so they always have lots of cast iron about them.



There is always lots of rope around as well.


We should see lots more boats of interest as the days go on and I will try and capture the best.

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