Crafted Classique

I didn’t get up for the 7am start (although I was actually up and out by 7.30 – unusually for me – as I had to take my grandson to Ipswich station – he has an 8 1/2 hour journey via Ely and Birmingham to get to his family holiday in North Wales!). As I left at 7.30 there were a few hardy bikers setting off. I went out later, around 12 o’clock for my trip along the Waterfront – stopping off for a nice coffee in the Aurora Bar.

By then there were a few cyclists coming back after the shorter runs, I expect.  To do the 100 mile course by 12 would be an average of 20mph which is hard to do over the Suffolk countryside. Unfortunately, unlike a race, where they all start together and the majority finish together (think peloton), the start of this is a casual affair so people leave as they wish and arrive back as and when. This means that I can’t get the shots that I like of a group of cyclists all going for the finish. Few of the participants here are time watching so very few actually power to the line.


In any case, it was more interesting checking out the facilities around The Cult Cafe. There was a small fun fair and a refreshment van selling candy floss and other fun things (I couldn’t use any close up photos as there were always children around and I try to avoid that). Here is the finish line so you can see what was around.


There was a goodly crown sitting eating and drinking.


Elmy Cycles had a support van in evidence.

bike maintenance

There was even physio available!


I wandered off to have a look at a boat that was moored up. I have seen this catamaran before but not recently.  The Humber Guardian is a coastal survey vessel – download a PDF about it Here.

humber guardian

Lastly, reporting on the work being done to the area between The Cult and Orwell Quay, they have started work in earnest now. Pity that it is to be a car park!

car park

That’s it for now. I am looking forward to the Maritime Weekend next. There will be lots of photos there, I am sure. I will have to make sure that my wheelchair battery is fully charged so that I can go all the way round the Wet Dock onto the Island to get some good shots.

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  1. I think I would prefer a bike tour where you start as you want. I did the New York tour, twice, where they pen 35,000 bikers up and start them all at once. It takes about 5-7 miles to sort that mess out, and, unless you pay extra, or arrive two hours early, as the head of the line hits the 5-mile mark, you’re just starting 🙁

    Great photos, as always.

    A car park? That’s sad.

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