Ever-changing weather – and a correction

It’s been a day of relief after the constant run of 28 – 31c days that we have been getting. Last night was even comfortable. Today, of course, it has rained. Being English we have complained for the last few weeks about how hot is was and now we are moaning about the rain!

Here are two shots from today 11.51 am and 17.16pm.



You may note that the cladding on the Winerack has increased and the scaffolding is in higher up. Also, there are lights on inside the cladding at night!


Now for the correction. I have recently got in touch with the local councillor for Holywells ward and am getting a flow of information from that quarter. She has sent me the weekly advice of planning applications so I can include anything of interest to the waterfront. This week seems to be mostly tree related so not much to do with us! However, she has corrected me on one thing. The area down from us that I thought was to be the Heritage Centre is actually going to be a new car park for the University staff and students – Boo Hiss. Just what the Waterfront needs is another car park. I know that they are necessary but that site would have been great for an attraction. The new building, which will be situated near the junction of Fore Street and Grimwade Street, will be part of the University of Suffolk campus and will be run by the county and the university together. I was thrown by the comment on the press release saying”Located within Ipswich’s unique and regenerating Waterfront,” I am not sure that Grimwade Street quite qualifies for “within”. Anyway, full details are available from the Suffolk Archives Web Site.

Tomorrow is the Crafted Classique, which starts on the Waterfront and provides three routes of 55k, 100k and 100m. Start time is from 7am tomorrow and bacon rolls are provided for the riders! I will be there to take some photos so if you see me on my wheelchair, say hallo.


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