Remember Nicola Ann?

That was the fishing boat that turned up last year and spent the summer landing its catch down below us. I covered it in a series of blog posts starting HERE.

We were surprised that we hadn’t seen it this year when, all of a sudden, a few days ago, something very similar appeared.



This is the “Our Josie Grace” and seems to be a replacement for Nicola Ann as the crew are the same. It is also loading fish onto a Dutch lorry so…

Out on the Internet, there is a comment on one photo of this boat as follows: “Leaving Tom’s boatyard for Essex for new owner Trevor Mole”. You can see that picture HERE so I presume that he has dispose of Nicola Ann and now has this boat. On checking, the last known position of Nicola Ann was back in August when she was moored at Lerwick in the Shetland Isles.

The new boat is loading up fish onto the same type of Dutch lorry as before.


As I remember it, they told me last year that they could get better prices for the Sole selling to the Dutch than trying to sell to a UK outlet!

It has been sitting here for a couple of days without moving but today they started work on their nets. This is something that you normally see when you holiday down in Devon or Cornwall, not on the Waterfront at Ipswich!


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