Sometimes life gets in the way!

The Thames barge Melissa turned up this morning and, instead of mooring down by the University, she moored up alongside Thaletta. Thaletta has been moored opposite our balcony for some time now, just going out for the occasional trip. Melissa moored in the same direction; i.e. bow towards the lock.

We went for a walk along the waterfront down to The Cult cafe this morning for a coffee and a sausage sandwich. As we came along the Podium behind the Aurora restaurant, I noticed that the masts of the two boats were out of alignment and mention to Valerie that I should have brought my camera as it would have been a nice shot. Oh well, thought I, I can come down later and get the shot.

Well, true to form, Melissa went out shortly after so that idea went to pot. Later in the afternoon, though, Melissa came back and moored against Thalatta again but this time she tied up bow against stern. They tried very hard and managed to get the masts of both boats in perfect alignment. The trouble was that I couldn’t get the good shot from the balcony, so I went back to the podium again.

Oh weel. I tried! The sun was right behind the stern of Melissa/bow of Thalatta. The shot you see now is as best as I could recover using a lot of Photoshop and the tools in Aperture. Still, at least you can see what I saw, which is what this blog is about, supposedly – grin.



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  1. I know the “I should have brought a camera” feeling. My favorite moment is when the lamp poles on the highway line up and look like one pole. I’ll likely never get that photo unless someone else is driving.

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