A little trip out to Thorpeness

We ant out for a day trip today. Thorpeness is just up the east coast from Aldeburgh. It is a small village with a large golf course but with two interesting features. Firstly, we have the windmill. This is a very nice example and looks wonderful against the clear blue sky. Mind you, it was raining ten minutes later…





We have two images because the road was very narrow and I couldn’t get far enough back for the wide angle on my zoom lens to get it all:-(

The other interesting feature is the House In the Clouds. Last time we went to Thorpeness, we couldn’t even find this! That time, we approached from the north and all the views are restricted. This time, we came up the coast road from Aldeburgh and you can see it easily. Finding it was another matter. We tried all of the roads off the main road around the lake and finally went down this very narrow dirt road to find both the windmill and this.




It has a nice little notice outside the front gate:

IMG_0873 (1)

From there we drove back to the lake and eat our packed lunch and then home.

Before we got there, we visited Aldeburgh (Note to my friend Dan – remember having coffee in the Hotel?). As we drove down the coast road to Thorpeness, we spotted some blackberry bushes so we stopped to pick some for Valerie to make a blackberry and apple pie! Getting back into the car, I had to take a photo of the vista, not only for the juxtaposition of images but also – again – for my friend Dan who will know why.


Now you can see the House In  The Sky but what is that monstrosity next to it. Why, it is Sizewell Nuclear Power Station.

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  1. I do remember lunch, you helped me figure out those coins 🙂 Great photos, especially under the circumstances. It’s good to see you haven’t lost your ability to go after the shot that many people would pass up. Lovely done.

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