On a grey day – a bit of colour

It has been a very grey day today. Started out with heavy rain and thunderstorms – most unlike the last few weeks. The day was brightened up by the arrival of The Schooner Trinovante. She has been here before but it was good to see her on a day like this.


4 thoughts on “On a grey day – a bit of colour”

  1. My favorite fried clams are Ipswich clams! My great grandfather settled his family in Rockport, Mass. So I was blessed with many visits to New England and the coastline. It has been over 10 years, though, since I have had the time and money to travel there! Great photograph that brought back memories for me!

  2. Dan recommended I come on over to look at your site. Since you and Dan are best friends, and I am an avid photographer as well, I am pushing the follow button. Like Dan I really think the reflections make this image! Wonderful!!! Love, Amy

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