Another Catch Up

Unfortunately, I was out on the day of the bike race but there have been a couple of interesting things happening. Well, you may not agree of course.

Firstly, they took the last crane off the big building project on Stoke Quay. We missed all three going up and we issued two coming down but we caught the last one. That’s a might impressive crane they are using to get it all down.




I am not sure that I would like his job, although I am sure that he has done it before:-)

Pity about the green though.

Next, we had the train come back having not seen it since the spring. This time, the wagons were some very smart DB Schecker ones which look much better than the old beaten up rusty wagons we had before. DB Schenker is a subsidiary of the German Railways company – Deutsche Bundesbahn (hence the DB) who took over EWS in 2007. Pity that they haven’t had the time to re-brand the Class 66 on the train. It is still in English, Welsh and Scottish (EWS) colours.





Here is a close up of one of the new wagons.


Lastly, we had another visit from the resident seal. This time it was swimming directly under the balcony and right on the surface. After these tow pictures were taken, it dived under and was next seen entering the lock. It seems fully aware of how things work around here!




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