Pin Mill Barge Races 2014

These take place on Saturday 5th July. The races start at Pin Mill and they race out of the Orwell estuary to the sea and back. The best place to watch is the viewing area at Landguard Fort just by the Port of Felixstowe. You will get great views of these traditional barges under full sail and racing. Details of the races can be found on the Pin Mill Sailing Club web site.

The first race starts at 8am, due to the need for high tide. Unfortunately, this year, we cannot be there so I will miss the usual photo opportunity. We are seeing a bit of a build up of barges in the Wet Dock. Our regulars include Mellisa (a regular winner of the race), Victor and Thistle. We have been seeing Hydrogen more frequently lately. Today, however, we had a rare one arrive. This was Repertor of Harwich. Built in 1924 it was the first of a fleet of steel constructed barges. She is a past winner of the staysail class and also has won the overall pennant for the fastest finisher irrespective of class. She wears a Bob with a white fish (Pollock) emblem and a black P on a red ground.


Here she is in all her glory. We wish her well in the race.


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