Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a family day so here is our Waterfront family.


Allen Gardiner moved today. Getting ready.


Coming Out.


On the move through the lock.



Check out the middle photo 0 what is missing? Trimilea isn’t there!

But she did come back from the refuelling area, further into the dock, later.


I was explaining to my mother-in-law about Trimilea and read to her the comment of the guard boat at Dunkirk – Trimilea is a Dunkirk little ship. I always choke up when I read this and I could barely read it today. On arriving at Dunkirk – the following exchange took place:

“”I cannot see who you are. Are you a naval party?”
“No Sir, we are men of the crew of the Ramsgate life-boat”.
“Thank you and thank God for such good men as you have on this night proved to be. There is a party of fifty Highlanders coming next.”

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