Two Different Days

IO got up early yesterday to a very misty start to the day. I was fascinated how The Mill was rising out of the mist.


Then, I couldn’t resist the usual reflection scene.


Then, this morning started out really bright and sunny. I went off to the Model Railway show in Clacton. When I got down to the car, I found these two sitting there. They weren’t phased by my presence or by the car moving off.


Later in the day, HMC Vigilant arrived. The sun was a right on her as she came in so this was taken just after she had turned ready to berth down at Gasworks Quay.


She was welcomed by the Sea Cadets jolly boat.


Earlier in the day, Pink Cloud went out. Now Pick Cloud has been berthed up by Spirit Yachts all winter and this is the first time that I have seen here move. I like the ripples following her out.


You can track Pink Cloud from this LINK

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