A Nice Spirit Yachts Boat Going Out

It’s a lovely day, today (wasn’t that in a song?) and I just caught one of the small Spirit Yachts boats going out.


I bet they are going to have a great day out there.

I did find out a bit more about the newcomer to the Wet Dock. If you didn’t see Day Jay’s comment on the post, well here it is:

“The newcomer berthed across from you is a privately owned American designed Noordhavn 62 “Andromeda” …. in Ipswich for some ‘cosmetic’ work I understand.” Here is a page about it offering charters. My thanks to David for contributing to the blog.

Lastly, as it was such a nice day, I took a shot out to the Commercial Port.

There are two ships in the vicinity of Griffin Wharf:



The one furthest away is the H&S Wisdom which is a Dutch registered boat of 1,842 tons deadweight whilst the nearest is a regular visitor – Arklow Flair, registered in Ireland and having a deadweight of 4,500 tons

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  1. Hi we love reading your blog, we were living in apartment 904 for 18 months but have moved back home to New Zealand. We miss Ipswich, but we feel that we are still there when reading your daily reports. Very sad to hear about the swans, we watched them breed and then lose them one by one, we often took bread to them. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

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