I know I keep saying it – but Spring is really here!

How do I know – well the two Scout adventure boats are back and being readied to go out.


This is good to see. One of my club friends is a Scout Leader in Stowmarket and was telling me a couple of weeks ago about their trip. Evidently, last Summer, his troop went on an evening jaunt on one of these. They went up and down the Orwell and all for £6.00 per head – bargain!

Having berthed outside in the Commercial port for a few times, Alert came back into the Wet Dock yesterday.


She went out this morning. She looks a bit devoid of buoys at the moment, though.

A newcomer berthed over from us. However, she is moored so that we can’t see her name so I can’t tell you anything about her. She is quite big for a private boat though.


You know what I said in the heading about Spring. Well, it comes and goes with increasing frequency. I was sitting in my hobby room putting the blog entry together when I heard a sudden rise in sound from outside and a quick call from my wife. She had a couple of sheets airing outside and the wind had suddenly got up.




You can see how grey and dark it became (check out the photo before these. The wind is howling and it looks like rain! So that’s Spring then?

The geese have settled in for the rough time but seem quite content.


One thought on “I know I keep saying it – but Spring is really here!”

  1. The newcomer berthed across from you is a privately owned American designed Noordhavn 62 “Andromeda” …. in Ipswich for some ‘cosmetic’ work I understand.

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