We have a newly launched Customs Cutter

I have often mentioned the arrival and departure of the Border Force cutters that berth up on Gasworks Quay on a regular basis. Back on 26th May (in my old blog) I had a picture of HMC Sentinel arriving in the wet dock.

IMG_8164 796

Yesterday, our Home Secretary, Theresa May, launched a new cutter – HMC Protector. According to the following report, this is to replace HMC Sentinel which has been withdrawn from service.

You can read more about it, here.

The following image is used courtesy of HM Government web site (let’s hope I don’t get into trouble for using it!).

(C) HM Government 2014

I am looking forward to seeing this visit Ipswich. Mind you, recently, it has been about 50/50 whether these ships will come into the Wet Dock or tie-up just outside on the north bank of the Commercial Dock.

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