A Sunny Day in Ipswich Town

Excuse the play on “A Foggy Day in London Town” but it was an exceptional day yesterday. Not only was the weather perfect for a Saturday but England got through to the Semi-Finals of the World Cup!

Apart from the weather, there wasn’t much to comment on so I found some nice shots that sum up a perfect day.

The management company that looks after the “estate” always places lots of flowers around the podium and the streets around Capstan House and the other blocks.


These are one of the many good things attached to living on the Waterfront.

We get a good view of the Aurora restaurant and bar from our balcony and, although we only use it for coffee and orange juice, we are pleased that it provides activity throughout the day and into the evening during in the summer and, thus, keeps the area alive and colourful. Yesterday afternoon it was particularly busy – and we thought that everyone would be watching the football!


A couple arrived to use the bar during the afternoon. I was particularly interested in their car because it was the same make and model as that which we hired for our honeymoon back in 1967. The Ford Anglia shown here is in tip-top condition and I was mightily impressed with it.

ford anglia

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything about the reflection in the driver’s window – but there we are. When night falls in the summer, especially at weekend, the Aurora gives us lots of lights to perk up the Waterfront.

aurora night

Some brave souls keep going until well into the evening.  My wife tells me that when she got up at 4am there was still staff tidying up after, what must have been, a very busy night.

Back to the “estate”. One of the other things that pleases me about the area is the way that it is lit at night. I especially like the pathways down from the podium to Anchor Street.


The blue up-lighters give a very nice effect. Sorry about the quality of the image but it was taken with my phone. I really should get the Canon 80D out!

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