Waterfront Food Festival

Although not as big as theMaritime Weekend, the Food Festival brings lots of people down to the Waterfront. On top of that, the weather yesterday was really great and today it is even better. I was out for a lot of the day but wandered off down the quayside around 4.30 in the afternoon. The festival was only between the Aurora and The Cult so there wasn’t too much to see. However, my camera takes lots of pictures but they get trimmed down and edited (only cropping and lighting – I don’t put stuff there that isn’t there. I occasionally take out little bits that make the scene neater, though). Here we go. Don’t forget that you can see any image in full screen by right-clicking on the slide show and selecting “Open Image in New Tab”.

I wandered on down the Waterfront until I got to Isaacs to see how they were doing on a sunny day with the World Cup on the TV?IMG_4043

They seemed to be quite busy. As I was down in that part of town, I crossed over to Fore St. to have a look in the traditional “record” shop –Out of Time Records – there. I have just purchased a rcord deck and getting back into vinyl in a big was so was interested if there was anything for my old fashioned tastes. I am a big fan of “Traditional” or “Dixieland” jazz.


Well, I only got halfway through the first box of LPs and had found over £20.00 of discs. they don’t take cards and I only had £15.00 so we came to a deal on that. My little pile included stuff by Chris Barber, Ken Colyer (what a find), the Dutch Swing College and Count Basie. “The Atomic Mr. Basie”. My best ever record when I was 18!

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 12.00.50

Time to stroll back home. I can never resist one more Winerack photo. What will I do when it is finished?


Still, the scaffolding is getting higher and they are cladding more of it.

I treated myself as the weather was so great.


Just a few pictures left. Firstly, what would we do without these?


The Aurora was busy.


They had a neat little pop-up bar.


Last off a, a couple of things to make you chuckle. This is the little street that leads down to Neptune Marina.


Do you know what Coprolite is? Evidently, the name for the street comes because lots of coprolite could be found along the Orwell and was used for various manufacturing enterprises in the 17th- 19th centuries. Coprolite? Fossilised dinosaur dung!

Having balloons at a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding is fairly common. We haven’t seen this one before. You have to read it the other way –


Yes, the girls around the table were celebrating a DIVORCE!

So we get to the end of a great day on the Waterfront- how can I sign off?


3 thoughts on “Waterfront Food Festival”

  1. Beautiful photos. I was surprised to see “Italian Indian Mexican” I think I might rather have visited The Pulled Pig. I take it you didn’t eat anything.

    Your closing image is lovely. Looks like it was a very good day.

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