The Winerack moves on

There is a lot of scaffolding going up, some of which is being covered in. I guess the rest will be covered as the complete sections.

The main bit on the go at the moment is the smaller part along the water’s edge.


As part of my trip to the craft market, I managed some closer shots of the work going on.


I then got some broader shots when I got back to the Cult Cafe.


Just so the other cranes in the port didn’t feel left out, I turned around.


It was a very nice day for a trip around as you can see.

Next up will be some new Thames Barge visitors and then, this next weekend, we have the Food Festival which is always good for lots of colourful shots.

2 thoughts on “The Winerack moves on”

  1. Excellent pictures. I love the cranes, but I also like seeing the surrounding area. I’m curious to see how they clad the wine rack. Over here, that tower crane would be pulling panels up to be fastened to the shell. With the scaffolding and the protective wrap, it looks like they might be planning to use brick, or something more labor (sorry, labour) intensive.

  2. I think that they will do that but modern day ‘elf and safety’ probably means that they have to do something or other that requires the sheeting. As you say, it is going to be interesting and only you and I will stay with it – grin.

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