The Saints Crafts and Antiques Fair 17th June 2018

I don’t normally go this far from home on my wheelchair but I thought that it would be a good contender for a blog page. I was also able to get some close-ups of the work on the Winerack, but that is for a different post.

The market started at 10 o’clock so I thought that I would get there early as it makes getting photos easier. It is quite a way around the waterfront but, fortunately, my Zinger wheelchair makes the trip very comfortable.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 14.29.55

I was a bit bothered that it might run out of battery but it managed the whole trip with plenty left. Anyway, it was spattering with rain when I started but the sun was soon out and it dried up. I had some great views of the work on the Winerack before I made it round to St’ Nicholas Street. I have never wandered up and down round here. I ended up running up Silent Street into Ipswich town centre proper. From there, I travelled back across to Fore Street and back down into the waterfront proper. I bought a record deck yesterday so was interested in the vintage record store in Fore Street but, of course, it was closed on a Sunday. That will make a good trip sometime during the week.

OK, back to the market. I forgot to take my usual “take it all in” shot so I only have the close ups that I like taking that show all the little “sparkly” bits. I had some fun with a couple of ladies on one stand. Every time I picked my camera up, they ran away. Put it down and back they would come. I assured them that I was only taking close ups of the goods but they wouldn’t believe me!

I then rode up Silent Street. The name fascinates me as I had never been there before. There were two interesting buildings that just begged to be shot.


This second one seemed to be unoccupied except for the ground floor.


Note the pigeons in both photos. Lastly, although not in “The Saints” as they call the area, I couldn’t resist these models outside a retro/vintage clothes shop (Twist and Shout – great name!).


Don’t worry Dan, lots of cranes, masts and boats soon!

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