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News first. The Winerack development is finally underway. Back in May they erected a tower crane and now they are putting p some scaffolding.


Somebody has to climb up there – every working day. Not me, that’s for sure.

We have had some very nice days here, especially over the bank holiday. We overlook the Aurora restaurantAurora restaurant and they get very busy when the bank holiday coincides with lots of sunshine. We, quite often, wander down for a cup of tea or a glass of orange (no more alcohol for me nowadays!).


In my wanderings yesterday I saw a few of things of interest. One was an old motor boat that was cruising around the wet dock.



I thought that I would remind you of some of the regulars. Thalatta, one of the magnificent Thames sailing barges.


Sometimes we forget how special these barges are as we see them all the time, here. I would also like to remind you of how good the Ipswich Waterfront looks in full sunshine.


I wandered up to the Cult cafe to have a look at the “Photo East” event. I was a bit disappointed, being a keen photographer. There was a container sitting there with a video showing inside and a line up of display panels. It didn’t seem to amount to much for me.

photo east.jpg

One thing that did make me have a second look was this:


Remember the “Chopper” bike. Every kid had one. My son soon got into BMX but that is another (and expensive) storey.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some wonderful photos. It looks like a lively day in the water. Of course you know I appreciate the tower crane and construction activity.

    I pointed someone over here yesterday. I had mentioned in a comment on someone else’s blog, the egg sandwich I had with you. She wanted to know where, because she had grown up in Ipswich.

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