Christmas is on its way

We know this because the trees on the podium have been lit. When they built the apartment complex, they pre-wired all of the trees with lights so they only need plugging in and switching the power on for a nice Christmas display.

To see them properly, I have to go up to my mother-in-law’s apartment on the third floor and shoot out of her main bedroom window. This required that I open the window, turn the lights off in the room and set up my tripod (not necessarily in that order!).

These are the results. Using my nice Sigma 18 – 250mm lens, firstly a general shot of the podium.


Then I took a close up.


Secondly, I didn’t get any shots of this but there was a piece on the BBC news about a very wide load travelling from Oundle to the Ipswich Waterfront. This is a new, £2,000,000 65′ power boat/cruiser from Fairline (this image is (c) BBC 2017).


For the whole story, including a short video, check out the BBC News website



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