Yet another crane for the barrier

Not much has happened this week. Norma has gone and Song of the Whale has reached Coruna in Spain. Suntis came back after just one week away and has gone again, although it seems that we are to be treated to an immediate return as Anglo-Norden haven’t taken away their parking blockers. They seem to treat the area as though they own it, although I think that it is all owned by ABP. It is a pity as the area will never get the visitors it wants if they continually block off the area around Patteson Road.

(As an aside, they really annoy me as they sometimes put a notice of closure on the door of our block. Funny that they never get around to taking it down! Needless to say, I always take it down!)

Anyway, the only interesting item this week was the visit of a very different crane to the Orwell Barrier works. I have never seen such a crane so here goes – I only had my phone on me and I had to take the photo through the gates by the “control tower”. The image is a digital zoom on aiPhone5 image so it is a bit grainy.

double crane

Obviously, there was some heavy lifting going on. When we went past on the next day, it was gone so I am glad that I snapped it when I did.

2 thoughts on “Yet another crane for the barrier”

  1. They say “the best camera is the one you have with you” – I think I agree.

    I’ve never seen such a heavy duty mobile crane. I’m glad you got that photo.

    Oh, and I wasn’t surprised to read that you take the sign down 😏

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