Armistice Day

It is 11th day of the 11th month so we are remembering the sacrifices that the armed forces and others made for our freedom. Ipswich has a memorial, along the Waterfront, to commemorate those merchant seamen that were lost at sea. I took the following images whilst I was on my way to the local Pharmacy. This first one is outside the Cult Cafe.

merchant navy

Whilst I was there, I thought that I would remind you all of a regular visitor. She seems to spend her off days moored here in the Wet Dock. Norma is a dredger.


The other visitor that we have is the CWind Phantom. This is an aluminium catamaran  wind farm servicing vessel.  Unfortunately, it is buried within the regular birth of “Song of the Whale” (which has gone off to Portsmouth) and I can no longer drive over the Island. This is the best shot that I can get.


Just a short note about Song of the Whale. It is currently at Portsmouth readying itself for a conservation trip to the South Atlantic. Details of the expedition.


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