Tugboats and cranes

They moved the barrier component yesterday. They chose just as I was going out (with a time limit) so I couldn’t wait until they actually moved. All I could get was a photo of a tugboat in place.  I have found, from experience, that these things take a longtime as no-one wants to move quickly and break/hit something.

barrier move

We got back after dark and it was gone. However, it was a full moon last night so I took a couple of shots, just quickly, as we were coming in from along drive. I did think of cheating and doing a Photoshop on the two images and merging them but honesty came to the fore!

full moon sky

full moon

I took the first shot with the camera on auto. I took the second after changing to manual and getting the setting right but, by then, the clouds had gone.

This morning dawned bright and sunny so I thought that I would get some crane shots, seeing as how there was a new one at the barrier works. I got one shot from Orwell Quay and the rest from around at Toller Road near the entrance to the port. First off comes the new crane for the barrier.

barrier crane 1

crane 1

I then noticed the crane in front so included that as my friend Dan loves cranes.

crane and contrail

Note the contrail just below the hook!

Lastly, there was a very long lorry sitting there with what may be a transformer as a load.


lorry load

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