Quayside works – nearing the end

There was I thinking that they might tamp the aggregate down or even put a concrete top layer on to match further down. Well, no. It seems that they are finished apart from the clearing up.

Yesterday morning they filled a few more bags of cement for the southern end of the works. They didn’t cover it up but, so far, have left the corner uncovered. They then started to clear all of the aggregate that was put down to protect the road from the crane.


A tipper lorry came down – I missed taking a picture:-( – and parked in this little gap they have left. They then filled it with the aggregate – and so it went all day.


It now looks almost done apart from the southern end.

Further work today in clearing up got a lot more of the gravel gone.


and they got even closer to the end of the quay.


They had a small delivery of concrete and used that to make more bags to drop down the south end of the quay. After that, they finally cleaned up around that point. I have to say that I am concerned about the aggregate compacting down. It doesn’t seem that they are going to do any more work on this so we shall just have to see how the next few months treats the final surface.

By the way, I know that there was a lot of activity down on the Waterfront on Sunday and that I would normally be down there with my camera shooting away. However, my physical ability to walk too far is being eroded. I am hoping to get a really cool lightweight motorised wheelchair soon so I shall be nipping around everywhere. I can’t wait!

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