The end of the piling is nigh

They have got to the end of the steel work. The gap that was left at the end has been filled with some 20mm steel sheets that they welded together and fixed in place. It seems that there were budgetary issues with using the long piles at that end as the wet dock floor is not very deep at this point and a couple of steel sheets would do the job rather than those huge piles that they used elsewhere. Here is the final result.

They went from this:

IMG_3290 (1)

to this:


Once finished, they went along and painted the whole top surface with, what I would presume was, black mastic.

IMG_3289 (1)


Then,  morning, the lorries turned up to take the crane away. We had a great hour or so whilst the took out all the pins that hold the jib together along with all the safety  bits as well. Finally they had it all broken down and on the lorry it went. The small lorry had its own crane that was operated by the driver from a unit strapped around his waist – obviously some sort of wireless connection. Very up to date.


So here are a series of shots showing the loading of the jib.







Finally, it was the main units turn. The lorry dropped off the trailer and the crane moved, very carefully on. The lorry then picked up the trailer again and was off.




We now await further action. So far today, 9th July, nothing is happening.

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