They are getting on with the new waterfront edging

There hasn’t been a lot to say as it has been fairly repetitive. They have been building secure structures and then piling – and repeat. They have now finished with the piling. I can say this because there are no more piles left and the huge electric hammer that they were using has gone. They have completed the wall on the Anglo-Norden end but there is still a gap at the Aurora end. In the meantime, they are finishing off the cap. The cap required that they fit small brackets to each pile. They then drilled holes in the capping and bolted it all down. This was followed up with a lot of welding.

We await the next steps with interest. Presumably, they will back fill the piles and then do some (elementary?) landscaping. It will be interesting to watch.

Here are some shots from the last few days as the construction progressed.


Here is the gap that I was talking about. Quite what they are going to do here, I cannot work out. They must do something, surely?


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