Christmas on the Podium

We are very close to Christmas now. I have made two trips to Sainsbury’s – the 2nd because I forgot some stuff from the first trip! Mind you nipping in and out is a bit easier now given the ease of parking now that both sides of the west facade of Capstan House (I have been listening to Carters too much that I now use their nomenclature:-) have been cleared. I don’t use the underground car park every time as getting in and out with the wheelchair can be tricky given the lack of thinking about disabled access around the estate.

Anyway, what I am supposed to be writing about is the fact that the Podium has been lit up again, as it has every other year. It is very nice that they have incorporated these lights in the trees and wired them permanently.

Capstan House is free of everything!

Well, it has been over a year since the scaffolding went up. Also, we were wrapped in just after Christmas 2022. The last job was to replace the soffits under the 1st floor of Capstan and re-render everything. This has now been done so the last vestiges of the work have been taken away.

This will please my wife as it will make it much easier to get my Mother-in-law round to the Aurora. It is great to see the last of the parking closures have been taken away as well.

Nice to see that there are already cars parked there. The last bit to go is the Carters storage area on the Waterfront. This, sometimes, made it difficult for me to photograph any boat that moored up there. It looks a lot tidier as well.

The Aurora should benefit from all these changes. Mind you, I am not sure how well the new parking restrictions in their car park will go down. It only needs one “real” customer to get a parking fine!

Graffiti Updated – Part 1

I had cause to go down to Fore Street a few days ago. As I was halfway there, I carried on across the Waterfront down to Stoke Bridge. There has always been lots of graffiti on the walls down around the old Paul Building. I seemed to remember that there was some new efforts so, with my new phone camera I thought I would do a refresh. There is quite a lot so I will cover it in two goes.

First off, the display window, where there was a model of the Waterfront Railway, now has a display about Thames Barges.

Now to the graffiti.

A wet day on the Waterfront

I had a little trip up to Tesco and back via Aqua Pharmacy. First off, it was nice to see that Aqua Pharmacy was now cleared of all the scaffolding. I spoke to Sharon, from there, and she was as surprised as I was when it happened.

I then rolled around to the Waterfront to find that the weather had turned. It was now raining – that very fine rain that gets under the skin and makes you cold. The sun was shining through the clouds though.

As I was coming down toward the Aurora, I saw Andy from Carters so I was able to check a few things out with him. Firstly, I wondered whether the Anchor Street blocks were going to be wrapped as they would normally have started that by now. It appears that the design has to be approved so it will happen soon. Secondly, I wondered why the storage area that they have on the quay was shrinking as they still needed some storage for the new work.

It seems that they are not using this area for Anchor Street but have obtained a storage unit on Cliff Quay so our area of the Waterfront will be opened up again. This area has caused me some troubles trying to get photos of boats that have tied up alongside that area so now I shouldn’t have that trouble.

Up into the Podium, I was able to check out the access ramps from this side after trying to come up the sloped one a few days ago. This is now well and truly blocked.


Patteson Road had is finally fully reopened!

Scaffolding is progressing in Anchor Street. They have now blocked off the two access ramps from Anchor Street up to the Podium.

There has been a little survey boat coming and going from the Wet Dock. This is the survey boat Northern Wind.

Lastly, we have the regular visit by Suntis. They are using two cranes to speed up the unloading.

A general runaround the estate

All the scaffolding has finally gone from No. 7.

I have had an email regarding the block paving outside of the Aurora. I am told that the cement infill is just temporary whilst they get a new stock of the granite sets as all the ones left were broken.

The post that I previously said was for a lamppost was incorrect. The post now has a parking notice for the Aurora carpark. As did Callum some years ago, the Aurora now has parking restrictions on their car park. You need to register with them to avoid getting a stiff parking fine. Callum took it off because it caused some friction with customers who forgot to register so we shall see how this goes.

Lastly, the scaffolding is now almost complete on No.1 Anchor Street so we shall see if they wrap them up for Christmas.

Cranes and Shoes

Well, you may remember when they were putting the scaffolding up on No. 7 that they needed a special crane to lift the support over the doorway. There was only one crane available that could stretch across and still lift the girder that they needed. Well, that crane came from a Colchester company but the vehicle, I noticed, had a German registration plate. It seems that it was brand new and the UK company had bought it in from Germany but had not had enough time to re-register it. Well, it was needed again last week as the girder needed putting back. Here is a photo of the vehicle. Notice that it now has a UK registration.

Back to old times. I have had a new car since August and every time I have taken it out, I have put it back in the underground car park – until last Wednesday when there were spaces on the Waterfront so I left it there. Guess what. It snowed. So my car was fully iced up! Typical luck. Anyway, looking around in Patteson Road and parking is getting back to normal. However, I wonder what these were doing left on the pavement?

If they are yours then dash round and secure them as they won’t be there long – grin.