Halloween, Graduation and Cladding

We went down to A Listers at Aurora on Wednesday for coffee and chips. Very nice and good value. A Listers are getting ready for Halloween by decorating the place up.

On Halloween, Saturday 28th October to be precise, they have two DJs on – DJ Echo and DJ Humble. I would think that you would need to book.

OK, so on to graduation. The tents for the University Graduation ceremonies are now fully up.

Lastly, we are getting close to being un-wrapped. Being on the 2nd floor of the North side, we will be almost the last ones to see daylight from our balcony. Steve tells me that another 6 or 7 days should see us uncovered. It’s been a long haul from 2nd January, which is when they wrapped us up!

An average day on the Waterfront

There are two regular ships in the Wet Dock. First off is Queen Galadriel. She is a bit low in the water, though.

The second on is an old favourite – HMC Seeker.

Then we have the graduation tents that are built on the University car park ready for the big day.

Keeping on with the University, there is a lot of working with regard to the cladding issues. Here is the back wall of the student accommodation. See, it can strike anywhere!

They are working on these facades using lifts rather than scaffolding.

Lastly, we are back to two nice caf├ęs now that the Cult has re-opened as The Mix.

Don’t forget that A Lister at Aurora are now open from 10 am and from 16th will be open seven days a week. They will be shortly opening a residents “rewards” system, once their tills get updated. Just another reason to pop there for a coffee.