Lifts and Gas 2

Well, the lifts didn’t go too well.. I got in the newly repaired lift – in my wheelchair, of course. Got to the ground floor and the doors only half opened so I couldn’t get out. A trip up to the 4th floor (not my choice) and back had them at least open most of the way. So much for fixing them. Both lift s now clang the doors together loudly when closing. Another email to EWS, I suppose.

The gas work moves on. They are really closing off the road along the waterfront on a daily basis.

I did check on Saturday and everything was a clear for cars to get through to the Aurora, thank goodness. They have laid the new gas pipe along the waterfront so maybe they will close it up and upon the road fully again?

Lifts and Gas

On my way to the bin rooms, I ran into a couple of lift engineers. On being asked ‘are you finally fixing the lift’ the answer was ‘We hope so. Trouble getting parts’. So there we are. Perhaps we will have two lifts working tomorrow!

The Gas man is extending his empire. There are now “real” parking restrictions along the waterfront and they are clearing all the cars out preparatory to digging more holes.

All the cars have a big “No Parking” sign on their windscreens.

That image was taken yesterday afternoon. Today, there is one car left and the Gas are digging!


Both lifts are working – at last!

A Visit from the RNLI

I was coming out from parking my car in the undergreouf car park when I saw that Thistle was back in so I popped up to take a photo.

It was a lovely day but the wind was so strong. There was a party turning up to go on a trip but, speaking to the crew, that seemed unlikely.

The crew did tell me of a bit of excitement. It seems that, with the high winds as they were, a woman had been blow into the water down by the Cult Café. It appeared that she had been rescued but a call had gone out to the RNLI. They came, but, of course, got caught up in the lock so it took some time for them to appear.

I have a suspicion that they broke the WetDock speed limit! I don’t know the outcome but the woman had a good crowd around her helping in her time of need.

Further work on the Uni buildings

There has been scaffolding all along University Avenue since almost when the work started on our one. It has made going round onto Duke Street very risky as I was forced onto the road in my wheelchair and, unlike someone on foot, I can’t just jump out of the way. It is mostly coming down now although they are still playing around with the façade on Duke Street itself.

What is now ocurring is the work on the back of the accommodation block and the rear of the Hahir Building. Not much to say about it but here are a couple of photos for your interest.

It will be interesting to follow progress.

Good news and bad news

Crossing from Aqua Pharmacy on my way to Tescos I was very pleased to see this, next door to Bella Napoli.

At last, a new tenant to fill the dreadful gap of empty shops. My joy was quickly dampened when I turned along the pavement to see this.

Subway appear to have left. One in and one out you might say.

I have been speaking to the Gas people. They have given the Ok for me to distribute their FAQ regarding the work around the Waterfront. You can download it HERE. They have taken over some of the Anglo-Nordern yard.

They are busy digging along Patteson Road inform of Capstan House.

That’s about it for today. It’s nice and warm out there and the Aurora is open so pop down for a coffee!

T/S Royalist arrives – plus road closures

We had a new arrival yesterday – well not really new as she was here a few years ago – T/S Royalist – the Sea Cadet training ship. She is an impressive sloop (is that the right word for a two masted sailing ship?).

She had a full compliment of cadets on board, all under strict orders.

While I was taking these images I noticed that Alert was also in.

While out photographing ships I felt that I needed to update everyone on the state of Patteson Road. It is now closed for a good while. People don’t seem to realise that by going down Cliff Road and round via Ship Launch Road and Helena Road, it is possible to still get to the waterfront and to the Aurora Car park. Anyway, here is the current state of play!