Ipswich Strongest Man 2023

This event took place outside the Aurora restaurant last Saturday. There was a good crowd and the Aurora joined in by letting the crowd use their balcony.

I watched them doing the “who can pull a Mercedes Truck tractor the fastest across the course” but when I got back I had a great video of the crowd’s feet!

I went back later when they were doing the “highest number of lifts in a minute” competition.

It was a lovely day, as you can see and it went on for most of the day. I think that, like the Dragon Boat racing, you had to be a supporter of one of the teams to last the distance.

Lastly, some news about the Aurora. It appear s that it has been sold to “A Lister” who have a restaurant in Woodbridge. It seems that they will be opening on the 16th June. No mention of a name change or what ever so I will keep my eye on this. As an individual, I will be sorry to see Callum, the owner, go as he is a pleasant chap and always willing to talk. This is what is outside there today.

There is still time to dash around tomorrow and Monday!

All quiet on the Waterfront

Apart from a few excitements with youths climbing the scaffolding, it has been a quiet time. It is not helped by me not being able to see out of our windows. I am assured that things are on track with hints of a July finish but don’t quote me on that.

They are getting on with the new render – except for a delay due to rain – so things are moving on.

The only thing that I have seen to report on in the last couple of weeks was the regular visit by Suffolk Fire Service who come down to train on using open water as a source when fire fighting.

That’s it for now – sorry I would like it to be more interesting but…