Waterfront Boat Race

As I was finishing my shoot about Queen Galadriel, the thames barge Victor appeared round the bend in the Wet dock on its way out with a group of passengers for a trip down the Orwell. At the same time, the Orwell Lady was loading up for one of its first trips down this summer. It turned into a bit of a race with the Orwell Lady getting her nose in front but then she had to turn around and take her place behind Victor as the lock wasn’t quite open. Enjoy the video.

Ropes and more ropes

It was a nice day on Saturday and I had to go round to the Pharmacy – my regular trip nowadays – so I took my nice Olympus mirror-less camera with me. My intention was to make a study of ropes on the Queen Galadriel, which has been in the Wet dock for a few days.

Here goes. There are lots of photos so I hope that you enjoy details of an old sailing ship.

I also thought that you might like a look at Millionaires Row – Fairline’s line of boats to be prepped for sale. there must be a few bob parked here.

Also, there was a nice example of Spirit Yacht’s work.

Well, that’s it for today.

I am back

Sorry to have been so quiet over the last couple of weeks but it was my birthday on 28th March which I celebrated by having a heart attack! I am now out of hospital and recovering. Ipswich Hospital were superb – the care and commitment were absolutely top class. We should be proud to have hospital with such great standards.

Unfortunately, this means that I missed the AGM meeting on 29th and the catchup meeting afterwards. It seems that the AGM was a bit raucous and not much was resolved between the board/EWS and the leaseholders – so no change there then. The meeting afterwards was, I assumed, to be a chance for Carters to bring us all up to date with the progress but, evidentially, Carters were not invited! Ingleton Wood, who are the main contractors gave some (according to my information) wooly answers to progress and talked about an October finish which jars a bit against the estimate of June/July that I was given a week or so earlier. I will keep looking out for my friends from Carters and see if I can get better information once the Easter holidays are out of the way

I did roll around with my camera today to do a bit of catch up. The work that is being done on replacing the insulation is proceeding apace. There is an area by the Podium door where it is clear what they are doing. It all looks very smart.

This is the area where they will be re-covering with replacement wood. They have a large amount of the insulation stored down on the Quay.This blocked my view of Alert but…

Both Alert and Queen Galadriel were in along with the two offshore tenders.

I will try and get out with my Olympus camera and get some better shots when the weather improves.