Suntis change

I am sorry but there hasn’t been much to report on lately. However, today I had to go out to the Pharmacy and was surprised to see, on my way back, that Suntis was in. Now, even with the wrapping, we were able to see when that happened recently due to the activity of the fork lift trucks but this week there was no signs. I was surprised, and pleased, to see that Anglo-Nordern have gone back to their old wharf to unload. Obviously, the resin injections have stabilised the ground enough.

Sorry for the glare but the sun was very bright. It was good to see as the disruption to the traffic and parking around Patteson Road is severely reduced this way. With the other way, it was almost impossible to turn a car round down the end of the road, so if you drove down to see if there was any parking, it was difficult to get back.


I turned around and went up to the Podium. It seems that the scaffolding is coming on apace. They are nearly at the top of the eastern side of Capstan House (the side with the wood cladding) and quite a way up on the remainder of the north side although none of that has been wrapped yet.


Carters have sent out a note about the removal of the render on the north wall of Capstan. Here is the gist.

“R G Carter will have appointed subcontractors removing the render from the outside of your building during which a small amount of dust will be generated.

We strongly advise you keep your windows closed between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm as this will avoid any dust particles being blown into your residences.”

That’s all for now.