Interesting Item re: the woodyard

So the pile gets bigger. In fact, they have filled the whole quay now. I stopped one of the fork lifts as he was dashing back and forth. On asking him why, his comment was “No idea. They tell me to move the wood, so I do it”. He agreed that they hadn’t done this for a long time but didn’t know why it was being done now.

A few days later, I was parking my car in Patteson Road and saw that there was a notice attached to a lamp post. From where I stood, I could see that it wasn’t the usual “closing the road” notice so went and had a read. Very interesting, as I am sure that you will agree.

There has been talk for a long time about Anglo-Norden moving into the port and flats being built but nothing ever happened. As I was told, there was difficulty over unloading Suntis. Once in the port, as I understand it, they would have to use port labour rather than their own. Well, reading this, it would seem that things are now moving on. Goodness knows how long the process will take – perhaps the local councillor can tell us – but it would make the Waterfront a lot more appealing., especially if the council insist on the dockside being upgraded, as they did with our block. If you remember, Persimmon had to arrange for a complete rebuild of the dock edge a few years ago (see my blog posts!). We will watch this one with interest.

What are Anglo-Norden doing?

We know that they own the area of waterfront just by the Aurora. They keep it fenced off. They have used it twice, to our knowledge, to unload Suntis – the last time a few weeks ago. However, they have had fork lifts darting backwards and forwards this afternoon building a large pile of their wood packets in that area.

They didn’t block the pathway off so they were operating alongside the joggers, cyclists and pedestrians using it during the afternoon.

If anyone knows what is happening, perhaps they could post a comment on the blog.


Robbie the Robot arrives

Our local councillor, Liz Harsant does a great job for the Ward (or area for our overseas visitors). She has a Facebook page where you can keep up with council activities:

Liz Harsant Councillor for Holywells Ward

Today, she posted an item about my favourite Pharmacy – Aqua on Duke Street. Liz attended the launch of “Robbie the Robot” AKA a self service machine for dispensing prescriptions.

It is said that you know that you are over the hill when you are on first name terms with your pharmacist – well Michelle, the owner, and I have been great friends ever since Valerie and I moved to the Waterfront over 6 years ago – and we found out that we were born about 1/2 a mile away from each other (in different time frames) down in Streatham, South London. We even went to the same primary and junior school – Eardley Road!

This means that I have been using the new machine on the rare occasions when my prescription collection hasn’t been supplied in a sack! Anyway, this is the new machine.

Touch the screen to get going. All you have to do is to enter the supplied PIN number and down it comes. BTW, it is NOT an ATM so don’t expect to get cash out as I have been led to believe has happened!

Happy New Year 2019

I was going to include some shots and videos of the fireworks last night but there were too far away on the other side of the Island so I have had to forego that.

Instead, I had a look outside for the first morning of 2019. The whole Wet Dock was lit by the rays of the sun, even though the clouds hung over the scene.

I would like to wish all my readers a happy and prosperous new year.

You can do me one favour. Please tell everyone you know that we exist.

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