One year gone by and a quiet waterfront

Firstly, The Aurora ¬†shifted the container into the underground area under our apartment block. They use all of the areas under there. They even have some secure storage. There is a constant stream of chefs walking from the back of the restaurant, down the stairs to the storage area and all the way back again.Sometimes three of them follow each other. One would have thought that a bit of organisation would have eased the need for so many trips. Apart from that, the restaurant isn’t too much bother. A bit of noise consumer Friday and Saturday nights but that is all. We prefer to have them there as having an empty building would ruin the area.

I don’t get to see every thing that goes on now as we are round these of Capstan House facing the Aurora. However, there hasn’t been much happening. We don’t seem to be visited by the Dutch Navy, or even our navy. Song of the Whale has only just moved for the first time in many months and currently resides in Portsmouth. Suntis comes and goes and Anglo-Norden seem to think that they are the only users of the quay as they routinely block it off four days before the ship is due. This week, they didn’t even take the blocking away as Suntis is coming straight back. It does make parking difficult around us. Thankfully, we have a space underground.

We had the Maritime Festival and I did my usual trip around the Wet Dock to take as many interesting snaps as I could. This year it was easier as I now have an electric wheelchair which makes such trips very easy – in fact, without it, I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere along the quays. The photo shoot for the Maritime Festival is on my dedicated photography web site David’s Photos. You can see the slide show HERE.

I am trying to keep a record of any interesting visitors that we get in the Wet Dock. My list of current visitors is HERE.

My photo web site also has a photo record of a trip that I made all the way round to the lock on the Island. ABP has put up a security gate into the Island so we can’t drive around there any more. However, thanks to my wheelchair, I can get there and back. The trip is recorded HERE.

My main reason for bringing this to life again is because there has been some major action on the Orwell Barrier. It has been difficult to know what is going on as it is all behind high walls now. However, the main barrier arrived by sea from Holland this week and, temporarily, is parked in the Wet Dock. I went down there on Saturday to record the event.



Lastly, there was a lot of fuss last week about the end of Storm “Brian” and how it dragged up some dust from the Sahara handmade the sky red. Well, I got a nicest of the sunset here on that day when “the sea turned blood red!”. Should have happened on Halloween.