Winter coming

It’s been a quiet time around here. The container is still with us. Just a few days to go and I will speak to the council again. They said that 2 months was probably the limit for a temporary structure so we shall see. It can’t be here for ever as the council, they said, wouldn’t allow it to be.

Anyway, only a couple of things have happened – Norma, the dredger, came back but I just managed to see here disappear down the dock so missed a photo. I did get – yet again! -a shot of Alert coming in.


I mentioned in the title that winter is coming. Well, it is getting colder. I am a bit fed up with talking abut the weather when, until we moved here and had the fiasco of the web cams, I always had a weather station to tell me what was happening. We have disposed of our television so had no need of the nice Sonos Playbar that we had for the sound. I put it on EBay on Sunday and it was sold at the asking price about 30 minutes later! This has given me the funds to get a replacement weather station. The one I have chosen has an interface into my favourite Weather Display so I should be able to manage real time weather on my, currently theoretical, website. Watch this space. Anyway, the weather is getting colder every day, currently 6c and expected to reach -2c tonight (43f – 28f for those who like their weather data in old money!). It is very bright though. This is what it looked like at 8am this morning.


You may note that the Wine Rack still lacks scaffolding!

The crane is still there

I haven’t discussed the flood barrier for a long time. In fact, I can’t see what is going on at all. Even if I go round to the other side of the water down by the New Cut there is nothing to see as they have put up some fresh walls. There must be lots of work going on as we have plenty of road signs up to direct traffic to one side of the wet dock or the other.

As it is, I had a trip down to The Cult cafe today – nice flat white at a good price thanks to my student discount card. On the way back, I only had my phone on me but I wanted to show my friend Dan that the big crane was still there.



I know that my friend Dan in Connecticut likes reflections. We don’t get so many now that we aren’t on the front of the block but I noticed this one this afternoon.


If you look at the top window of the Aurora restaurant, the shining water you can see is not through the window but a reflection from behind us. The sun is near to south and we are looking north west (if that means anything to you!).

I am disappointed that the container is still with us. In spite of them telling us it was short term, they don’t seem to have touched it in the last few days. It can only be temporary as they would need planning permission for anything over about two months, as I understand it.