One Last Post

I haven’t found much to talk about for some time. One can only tell about Alert coming in or Norma still being here so many times before it becomes boring.

One last time because we are moving out of the apartment. We are only going down two floors and round the corner but the view that we will have is over the Aurora Restaurant down to Isaacs so not nearly as well sited as currently.

One last post is for my friend Dan who is a crane “fanatic”. Wherever he goes he always finds a crane to photo. They are getting going now on the flood barrier – not that we can see much from where we are – but they have been doing a lot of piling over on the New Cut. This process has been pretty much the same as that which went on below us recently so there hasn’t been much to say, especially as it was way over and out of my view. They have moved the big crane onto the island now so I have been able to get a better shot of it. It seems to be much larger than the one that we had in front of us.


As Douglas Adams had it – So long and thanks for all the fish! No doubt there will be some occasions for me to resurrect the blog so don’t drop your subscription yet. Food fairs, transport days, tall ships races – these will still happen. Thank you for following me for these three years. I have enjoyed it and I hope that you have too. I will be back infrequently, so until then – goodbye.