A new tall ship and some old friends

We have seen a few tall ships lately but yesterday we had a new one for us. This is the Dutch vessel Atlantis. She is a Barquentine. There is a nice description of her on the Southend Timeline web site. It says

“The Atlantis was built in 1905 in Hamburg as a light ship and served as such in the Outer Elbe River near Station Elbe II. Then she was taken out of service. Just like other light ships the underwater lines of the Atlantis have the classical shape of a sailing ship. After a thorough restoration the Atlantis began her second life in 1984. With the rigging of a barkentine she sails the seas of Western Europe and the Caribbean. In 2005 the windjammer was taken over by the Tallship Company and underwent another metamorphosis, while maintaining her traditional atmosphere and stylish interior. Since 2006 the Atlantis sails mainly around the Balearic Islands and the south coast of France and guarantees that our guests leave with unforgettable memories of a unique ship.”

She is quite large and thus came in backwards to save having to turn around in the Wet Dock.


Then we have a close up of her prow.


Then, today, another old friend arrived. This is the Lowestoft fishing smack – LT472. Maritime Heritage East has a full description of this interesting little ship.


Lastly, I had a look down to where Atlantis is berthed and saw that there was another regular docked along with her. This is the dredger Norma – we have seen her a few times before. All I have is a stern shot but, Hopefully, I will get a better one when she leaves.


Not quite the sunset that I usually post

This is a shot of the night sky last evening. I think that it is The Moon (certainly 🙂 and Venus. tell me if I am wrong. This took a bit of juggling with camera settings.


Just to show you how much fun this is – here is the shot taken by the camera on automatic!



You see what I mean about fun. The shutter speed was too long – hence the camera shake – and the exposure was all out – hence the spread of light, which you certainly couldn’t see with the human eye. Sometimes these modern cameras are too clever for their own good!

Extra to the nice day

I was so involved in getting the Air Ambulance on the blog that I missed the bit about the nice day!

The first two shots are from this morning. As you can see – wonderful blue sky.



Then the sun moved around and started playing on the water. This is always good to watch.

n fact, yesterday, I took a video of the Wet Dock to show how nice it was. You will notice in that video that Queen Galadriel is further down the dock. This is when I first realised that Trinovante had moved!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m-JLeq1D-w?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0]

Just a nice day!

It is just a nice day today so I thought I would let you see how nice it can be when the sun shines, but firstly, Melissa went out.


Then, I noticed that Trinovante had moved down to the berth that usually holds HMS Trumpeter. I was a bit confused because I thought that she was still opposite us. When I looked properly, she had been replaced by another old friend – Queen Galadriel!




The main event happened later in the day. We heard a helicopter flying very low. I assumed that it was the Police helicopter but, on closer inspection, it was the East Anglian Air Ambulance. I rushed to put my big lens on the camera as it was flying around down the other end of the Wet Dock. I got some good shots which I have put together in IMovie rather than as a slideshow. The full story (well not much actually) can be read on the Ipswich Star Web Site.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW65bFKzIQY?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0]

Two old favourites return

Firstly, on Saturday, we had our old friend Melissa come in. Melissa is a Thames Barge and is fairly unusual due to the colour of her hull. Most are black whilst Melissa’s is red. She will probably come and go now through the summer. She actually went out again on Sunday.




Secondly, on Sunday, we were treated to a visit by another old friend – the schooner Trinovante.






It is getting a bit busier as the days go by

First off, we had a catamaran, moored over the way, opening up its sail for a check after the winter. A nice colourful addition to the day.



Next, there was some sort of safety/emergency management event going on down at Gasworks Quay – we didn’t know it was happening and couldn’t see it from our balcony. These guys were part of it.


When it was over, we were woken up by the fire engine that had been there. It came out and when it reached our block it suddenly put its “blues and twos” on and dashed up Patteson Road.

Then we had the fishing boat getting active. Firstly, a tanker arrived to fill the tanks.


Then the usual Dutch lorry arrived for the fish. It always seems amazing but they tell me that they get better prices from the Dutch (who freeze the fish and then send it off to Greece and Portugal) rather than sell it in the UK!


You can see that Anglo-Norden were getting ready for Suntis – they have laid out wood piles to stop parking along the quay. Suntis was due on Friday but turned up on Thursday evening. Given that it never moors in the wet dock over a weekend, we guessed that there would be a rush to unload it. It turned out that way as two cranes arrived on Friday morning. They need two to do the unload in one day. Suntis will probably go out on the high tide later tonight.


Spring is really here – plus a new arrival

It was a beautiful day yesterday. One that made you think that Spring was well and truly here with Summer to come – ever hopeful!




Then I thought that I hadn’t shown you the new blocks of flats on the other side of the New Cut. They are almost complete now and some are occupied. Pity about the green!



This morning, we had a buzzing going on outside so Valerie went out and told me that there was a “funny thing” flying around. She thought it might be a drone. Well, it was. I got the camera out in time to see a Canadian Goose not appreciating the visit (sorry for the blur but it was a quick shot).


I took a few more shots. It was being flown very well and it was quite good fun to watch.