A very sad event

My wife, Valerie, was scanning the BBC news last night when she noticed a headline that 3 people had been taken ill aboard a ship. Now, my wife has an aversion to cruises as she believes that every cruise ends in someone being ill. She looked up the link and to her horror, she found the following item:

Three workers died after becoming ill on a German cargo ship berthed at Goole docks, police say.”

It seems that these men were part of the crew of Suntis. Yes, the boat that comes into the Ipswich Wet Dock every couple of weeks or so. I follow the movements of the ship and had seen that it had gone to Goole in West Yorkshire. This is a port down the Humber river from both Hull and Grimsby.

The BBC link is here and the Hull Daily Mail has more details here.

The three men who died were the one we always called the captain and two of the filipino crew. We would always see the”captain” sweeping the top deck as the wood was removed and the two filipinos were often to be seen tending to the ship – either tidying up or painting.

This is an horrendous story and our feelings go out to the families of the three and to the staff at Anglo-Norden who spent time with them every visit.


Why does it always happen on a Bank Holiday?

No, not the weather – we expect that in England! No, the lock gates broke down today.

My wife noticed before I did and it was some 30 minutes after that I took the first picture. Every one in the lock and outside in the Orwell had to be very patient. It was some time after that they still had men manning the gates outside of the Control Tower.

First picture times 13.24


then at 14.17 they got one gate to work!


and finally, 14.34 the gates on the Wet Dock side were closed and the Orwell side were open! Freedom, at last!


Spirit Yachts Latest New Build

We saw that Spirit Yachts was taping off the road outside their factory so we knew something was happening. They very, very carefully ratcheted out this latest addition to their fleet. This sequence of images covers 29 minutes so they took great care over the operation.







Look at the beautiful woodwork on that! They do the most exquisite work.

It was such a lovely day, yesterday that I couldn’t rest a final shot.


A New Arrival

We had a new schooner arrive on Thursday. This is the Trinovante.

You can see much more about her HERE.




We have the food festival again this weekend so I am hoping to get lots of photos from that. Plus, we had the police over the other side of the Wet Dock early this morning and we think that they took a body away. We are awaiting more information!

I heard the burble of a great car engine…

and saw this passing under our balcony. By the time I had the camera, it had gone into the Aurora car park. I couldn’t let it go so I went down and took some images. You can check out the car on Twitter. When I was taking the photos, one of the Aurora customers came over and we had a chat. He wasn’t the owner but it seems that he owns two E-Types. He did admit that neither was as good as this one and that they were money pits!





Taken through the window, hence the reflections 🙁