And there she was – Gone!

When we woke up yesterday morning, there was Suntis moored on Griffin Wharf with the ABP crane doing the unloading. This went on all day, with a break for lunch, of course. It then went on into the night. I think that they were desperate to get the ship back out again to try and make up for the lost days.




Then we got up this morning to find here gone!


That’s the quickest turnaround that we have seen since we have been here.

If you look closely there appears to be a lot of wood stored over there. I thought that they only had the site next to us and the one further up Landseer Road – inside the port. Are they keeping wood over the other side? It would be a huge transport effort to shift all of that out of the Whearsted Road gate and round to this side of the dock. This would mean using the Orwell Bridge or coming round the one way in town. We haven’t seen much coming in here. Interesting!

What has happened to Suntis?

This weekend was the normal scheduled visit from Suntis. It was due at Ipswich late on Sunday but we guesses that it wouldn’t come through the lock on Easter Monday and we expected it early Tuesday morning. We are a bit confused because, as at 14.00 on Wednesday, it is still not here. As you know, we normally track it using the iPad Marine Traffic App. Well, this was what it showed on Tuesday.



As you can see, it is shown as being just off Felixstowe with its destination as Ipswich and its arrival timed at 23.00 on 20th – Sunday. The data shown is marked as being up to date as at 07.08 on 22nd – Tuesday. To check up on this, I have taken another screen shot as at 15.00 today and it still seems to be in the same place.


So, I ask again – what is happening?

More on the Belgian Minesweeper

I managed to get down the Waterfront today and then to trip over to the Island. All with the intention of getting some good shots of  M923 – Narcis.  Just as well that I did because, we were out for a couple of hours and when we got back she had left!




As I was just by the University building, I took the opportunity to get a photo of the new Merchant Navy Memorial that was dedicated last weekend.


This memorial is dedicated to all the merchant marine that lost their lives during conflicts at sea.

A quiet Easter Sunday

It was a very misty and overcast day for most of the day. There was very little boat traffic until the weather perked up later in the day. The only interesting yacht was the following:

GBR986R – Strata 6 – Sun Odyssey 36i – East Anglian Sea School

This is a racing yacht that competes in the Royal Ocean Racing Club series of races each year.

Last Year it competed in the East Coast Race.