Suntis has new ropes

Well, Suntis arrived yesterday afternoon but didn’t come through the lock until around 7 isn this morning. It is a relaxed operation this time as I don’t think that Suntis can go until late tomorrow. Just one crane and a reasonable pace of work – nothing like the urgency of last time.

One thing we did notice (well it was Valerie actually) – Suntis has been fitted out with new ropes as you can see in the image.


Alert back again

One of our regular visitors, Alert came back into the Wet Dock today.




While I was on the balcony, I took a shot up the commercial port. I haven’t done this for a while.


What a grey day, yesterday was. On Saturday night, I was surprised at how hard the rain was hitting the hobby room window. I was then told that we had had thunder and lightning. From the news, it seems that a mini-storm hit us. It did quite a bit of damage for something lat lasted only a few minutes.


It’s been a lousy day today – but last night…

It was a really nice evening. Here are two shots. One was taken at around 4.45pm and the other one close to an hour later.





Just to keep you up to date, Suntis is heading back from Sweden with its usual load of wood. ¬†It is due here at around midday on 26th – Sunday but high tide isn’t until 9.37 pm so it will have to wait to get through the lock.

So dusk falls

and with it come the seagulls. Every evening around dusk there is a huge influx of seagulls. They fly in over about 20 minutes and either settle on the roof of Anglo-Norden or settle directly onto the water in the Wet Dock. Whichever they do, they always end up on the water. I managed to get a shot of them flying yesterday evening.


I then couldn’t resist a shot across there water – as usual.


Lastly, Valerie noticed yesterday that one of the long serving boats had gone. Do you remember me showing the ketch with the hole in the canvas cover and the seagulls going in? Well, it has been there ever since we moved in 18 months ago. We woke up to day to see that it had gone.


Is the move permanent or temporary? Who knows?

Some activity over the other side of the Wet Dock.

They have been working on the Allen Gardiner today. Although it isn’t showing at the moment, they have been putting up an Ipswich telephone number. There is an interesting article about this HERE. It will be interesting to see when they start running properly.


Also, just behind them, there has been some activity around the two “legacy” cranes. There has been a cherry picker working around the right hand one. All you can see now are the Rentokil vans that have been doing the work.


It’s that time again

Suntis was due at around 9pm last evening. The usual preparations include the moving of the walkway from the lock. I think that they must have been doing some training because there were a few more on the walkway than usual.



As It is Tuesday, it seems that they wanted to get a move on so they had two cranes in operation. Here is state of play around 2.10pm. As you can see they are getting it clear very quickly.