What a nice morning

I was up around 6.20 for some reason. I took a couple of photos. The first one is through the hobby room window and is at about SSE.


The second was taken a bit later. I had the wrong glasses on and couldn’t work out what the bright orange block was. Eventually, I changed my glasses and worked out that it was the sun gleaming on the boat up at Griffon Wharf. Note the raised hatches on the ships.


A Windy Day – +++++

We had the strongest gale since 1987 – winds up to 99mph. We were OK in our flat but there were a few problems around the town.

Firstly, we had some “white horses” on the water outside of the lock.

gale 062

On the way back from my mother-in-law’s bungalow, I had to go all around the houses because they had closed off the main A14 road bridge over the River Orwell. This put all of the heavy lorries on the Felixstowe container run into the roads in town. Not good news. I had to duck and dive around and ended up in Clapgate Lane to be confronted with….

gale 061

Lastly, the tallest building in Suffolk – The Mill – sits at the north end of the Wet Dock. A lot of it hasn’t been fitted out yet. This is how it looks this afternoon.

gale 063

A nice lot of outside cladding has disappeared!

It has quietened down now, thank goodness.

Maybe the Winter is more interesting?

Perhaps the big, interesting stuff stays away during the summer? In any case, the big boys are back.

Firstly, we had the Trinity House rapid response vessel – Alert.

blog 064  blog 062

Plus, a crane – for my friends that like such things!

blog 063

Then, we had HMC Seeker. We missed it coming in but we did catch it doing a 3 pointer in the wet dock. Not sure why, but as we didn’t see its original berthing, we  are not sure what caused it to have to do this.

blog 065

blog 061Excuse the slightly out of focus shot but it is all that I have.