A grey day for unloading

They had a major effort today to unload Suntis before high tide. At least that is what it looked like. Remember that since we have been here, Suntis has never come in on a Tuesday. We assume that they wanted it gone. Hence the two cranes. However, they missed the afternoon tide by about an hour. The next is at 3.30 on Wednesday morning. Will they go out through the lock backwards during darkness? Watch this space!

The first shot shows how empty the yard was this morning and all three show how foggy it was. The mist started to come down in the afternoon but it appears to have cleared now.




You wait and then three come along together

Three Fairlines arrived this evening and all lined up outside their facility. We walked down past there this morning on our way for an Isaac’s Egg and Bacon bap and commented that there were only two lined up. Unfortunately, they just wouldn’t line up for me – grin.

Note that the walkway from the lock has been moved to Gasworks Quay (bottom right). That is because Suntis is coming in. First time arriving late on a Monday since we have been here.

Trumpeter is back

We always have HMS Trumpeter on our tracking software but she went missing earlier in the summer. All of a sudden, she came back onto the list a couple of days ago when she popped up at Portsmouth. I guess that she turned her transponder off whilst she did whatever she does for real, rather than training. Here she is going out today. She is currently going north past Cromer but doesn’t have a destination logged.